My Place on the Web.

What this website is about?

As such, this website continues the tradition since May 17, 2001 – when I’ve published the very first version of it.

Topics I’d like to cover here are:

  • spiritual and personal development,
  • software, apps, design;

Who am I?

I am. But If You really want to know, look at My expression through this plan:

  • web&graphics design (one of My Passion since 2000, I consider Myself an artist, specialize in individual design, i.e. rendering/reflecting Your Own style, or Your Company ‘spirit’ – here You can find out more about My approach and works),
  • spiritual growth (meditation, awareness, ‘timelessness’, etc. – if You are interested in meditation, here I share My personal experience),

  • reading books (I love reading (audio)books, which is probably My very first and the oldest passion during this lifetime; You can find out what I currently read on the bottom left area of this site),
  • cooking & eating (I love all the culinary things, from wondering about the next dish, to shopping, preparing and actual cooking, to savoring delicious tastes),
  • computers, smartphones, apps, etc. (I’m still enchanted by extremely wide possibilities of a personal computer – I consider it a real renaissance tool of the current times; I am deeply interested in various software, hardware, and design matter – both desktop and mobile).
  • podcasts (I conduct several podcasts in My native language and would love to do the same in English).
  • English language (years ago I discovered that this is a foreign language I definitely like and find resonating with Me; now I am extremely happy and grateful that I can explore this world’s creation thanks to My current language skills; now My aim and dream is to be able to speak fluently in it).
  • paranormal phenomenon (I am very interested in this subject since elementary school, remain a declared fan of “The X-Files” series);

I love "The X-Files" .